calvin-e1536688354293.pngCalvin Lai | Assistant Professor

Psychology Building 425B
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[Pronunciation: “KAL-vin LYE”]

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Pierce Ekstrom | Postdoctoral Scholar

Psychology Building 452B

Pierce is a postdoc in the Diversity Science Lab. His research focuses on political conflict, with a particular focus on the role of group identities in how people experience and respond to conflict. What causes people to disagree about politics? When is this disagreement most intense? And what are the consequences of this any given domain of conflict for individuals’ interactions and for democracy in general?

meganwilson Megan Wilson | Graduate Student

Psychology Building 452B

Megan is a second-year graduate student in social psychology. She earned her B.A. at the University of Missouri double majoring in psychology and sociology. Her research interests broadly include long term implicit bias reduction and the relationship between implicit bias and behavior. In her spare time, Megan enjoys rock climbing and spending time outdoors.

 img_0191-1Jackie Lisnek | Lab Manager

Psychology Building 452B
(314) 935-2605

Jackie is the lab manager for both the Diversity Science Lab and the Social Perceptions and Intergroup Attitudes Lab. Before coming to Washington University, she earned her B.A at Indiana University double majoring in psychology and gender studies and minoring in nonprofit management. Broadly, her research interests include interventions to reduce biases in professional, educational, and criminal justice domains.

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Grace Campbell

Grace is a William H. Danforth Scholar and a senior at Washington University. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, with a minor in Psychological and Brain Sciences. She is passionate about understanding human behavior at both the structural and personal levels. Her courses at Washington University have explored numerous factors influencing social inequality, and her semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa fueled her interest in understanding race relations. She is eager to learn more about how race and gender impact the choices individuals make.


Elena Murray

Elena is a second-year student currently studying Psychology and Political Science here at Washington University in St. Louis. She is especially interested in the impact that friends, family, geography, and broader social norms have on voting patterns.


Ansley Calandra

Ansley is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy. One of her current lines of research looks at how terrorist threat influences implicit attitudes towards right-wing politicians. More broadly, her research interests include examining how both the psychology of prejudice and moral psychology inform political psychology, with a particular focus on how applied work can come of these investigations. For example, how can different moral foundations be used in constructing arguments tailored to liberals versus conservatives? Can interventions mitigate how implicit biases impact citizens’ voting decisions?


Jasmine Jaggers

Jasmine is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Writing. She is considering pursuing Clinical Psychology or a Masters in Public Health, as she is passionate about both fields. She hopes that the knowledge she obtains through research grants her the opportunity to promote social change and allow discussion for combating implicit biases.

lab photoVivian Hao

Vivian is a first-year student planning to major in Psychology and Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. She hopes to learn more about the impact of implicit attitude and whether the Implicit Association Test should be used in the hiring process. Her research interests include strategies to reduce the influence of implicit bias.

IMG_5692_Facetune_17-09-2019-21-13-36Nick Blake

Nick Blake is a Sophomore John B. Ervin scholar majoring in Psychology with minors in both Design and Human-Computer Interaction. He plans on applying an understanding of human behavior and technology to create products and services for collective social impact. He is interested in how the research methods utilized in Diversity Science Lab can be used to explore the prevalence of implicit bias in society.


Sean Dunnsue

Sean is a senior from New York City majoring in Psychology and minoring in Asian American Studies. His involvement on campus includes being President of the Men’s Project as well as a member of ThurtenE Honorary, and in his free time, he enjoys playing pickup basketball and discovering new music.


Jo Christina

Jo is a senior international student from Indonesia and England, and majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Her research interests include interactions between differing cultures and the experiences of marginalized groups in communities with low diversity. She hopes to attend graduate school and promote inclusivity in our everyday environments.

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Nicole Chang

Nicole is a Sophomore from Taipei majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience and minoring in Computer Science. As an international student, she is very interested in issues on diversity and reducing biases. Aside from research, she is involved in organizations including SPB and AIΓ.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 3.25.48 PMShelby Miller

Shelby is a sophomore studying Sociology with minors in Psychology and History from outside of Chicago. She focuses on disparities in racial/ethnic groups, and has a passion for understanding and improving incarceration. She is hoping that her experience in the Diversity Science Lab will open up a path to academia and research that she might explore further in the future. In her free time she loves reading a good book while drinking hot chocolate or watching bad TV shows with friends.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetGrace Boney

Grace is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology and Legal Studies. She is interested in how social psychological concepts can be applied to the law to make it less discriminatory. She is considering going to law school or graduate school and applying her knowledge from her studies and research to the field.

lab picSarah Slutsker

Sarah is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Global Health & the Environment with minors in Psychology and Writing. She is interested in how implicit bias training can be applied to reduce the disparate burden of incarceration on minority groups and hopes to pursue a combined Masters in Social Work/Masters in Public Health degree.

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