Diversity Science Lab

Calvin Lai, PhD | Washington University in St. Louis

We study how to redirect implicit biases.

Implicit biases outside of conscious awareness or control create a gap between what people value (e.g., racial equality) and what people do (e.g., racial discrimination). Our research seeks to close this gap by understanding how implicit bias works, figuring out when it changes, and developing interventions for addressing its consequences.

Recent Lab Updates

07/27/18 It is outgoing Lab Manager Joel Le Forestier’s last day! He is going on to pursue a PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Toronto!
07/15/18 Calvin Lai published a paper in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, titled “Explicit (but not implicit) environmentalist identity predicts pro-environmental behavior and policy preferences“.
04/19/18 Calvin Lai wrote an article about implicit bias-focused diversity training for The Conversation, which was picked up by Newsweek, Time, CBS News, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and many other outlets.
04/13/18 Research Assistant Gina Vellequette presents a poster at Washington University’s Spring 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Lab in the News

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